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because to love the song is to love the singer.

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All icons, if not otherwise credited, are my own creations. Please ask before taking. (And please don't just plagiarise -__-)
Note #2: I think I commented on each resource post I took brushes or textures from. I didn't get around to post a resource credit for the few graphics I actually used, I will do so as soon as I have some spare time! (this is concerning like...two icons, but still XD)

to be coming soon ;)
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La persona: Is not afraid to talk about elites. Used to dislike Sundays. Needs to learn how to say no to things she does not want. Knows how to appreciate a home. A linguist. A shipper. Misses science. Breathes underwater. Needs routine with simple things. Treasures books, tea and intellect. Enjoys fashion. Believes that shame is the best indicator. Rejects war, capitalism, homophobia and nationalism. Is highly sensitive to the gender question. Is suspicious of modern times. Knows not to believe a married man (anymore). Lives in extremes. Usually goes for the underdogs.